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Hello there! I’m Zachary Long, the Co-Founder of Life After Teaching™ and former history teacher who traded in my classroom keys for a mission of helping current teachers find their own path out of teaching. 

After dedicating 8 years to educating our youth, I came to a stark realization: I was not achieving my potential and the freedom I sought was elusive. Making the choice to leave education was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made, largely due to the absence of a well-defined path for transitioning teachers.

That’s where my journey began with Life After Teaching™, a project born out of my own struggles and the desire to prevent others from feeling the same sense of confusion and insecurity.

Zachary Long in a blue and white polka dot collared shirt in front of a green outdoor backdrop

Together with an incredible team (of mostly former teachers), I co-founded this thriving platform where we have now successfully cultivated a safe, helpful community for over 94,000 educators.

Our shared goal? To guide those on the precipice of a significant life change, aiding them in their transition from the classroom to a new career that offers security, happiness, and most importantly, fulfillment.

Our efforts didn’t go unnoticed. In 2022, Life After Teaching™ was honored to be chosen for Facebook’s esteemed Community Accelerator Program. We were one of only 33 Facebook groups across North America selected from thousands of applicants – a true testament to the urgent need for our initiative and the resonance it has within the educator community.

Join us at Life After Teaching™, where we empower and support our fellow educators as they embark on their journey outside the traditional classroom. Here, we’re not just facilitating career changes, but inspiring a movement toward happiness and fulfillment for educators around the world.


I’m Brittany Long, the other Co-Founder of Life After Teaching™! I taught middle school science for four years but after year two, I knew something was starting to change in me. 

In 2016 I had a cancer scare that completely changed my outlook on life — and teaching. I realized I wanted to do something different with my life and faced with my own mortality, I set out to determine what it could be. After two years of searching and 27 different side hustles, I left teaching to work in the online space. I built funnels (kind of like websites), wrote emails for different brands, and now spend most of my time teaching business owners how to use AI in their business. 

There’s no doubt that I’m happier doing this than teaching and my hope is that my story will inspire anyone considering leaving teaching to become a business owner or freelancer. It’s not an easy road, but at least for me, it’s been so worth it because it’s allowed us to stay home with our little one. Because I know that life is short, my hope is that teachers who want to leave teaching will find similarities between Zach’s story or mine and use it as proof that they can discover their own life after teaching. 

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